Monique Chachere

Lunch in St. Marrten

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Secret River Cave Exploration and Swim, Cozumel Mexico

Monique Chachere is a well-accomplished Travel Tour Guide and Shore Excursions host presenting her personal experience and travel knowledge to help passengers make educated purchase decisions about shoreside activities. The sales method included up to 5 tour presentations per voyage to 2100 passengers per cruise, resulting in 69% sales closed on board. Monique chaperoned excursions by taking part in and seeing local tour operators in action, while assessing prospective tour proposals and inspecting for company standards and assurances. 

Flight & Feast to Taku Glacier, Juneau Alaska 

Museum & Gold Panning Tours

Quebec City, Quebec

Helicopter Glacier Walk About & Glacier Trekking

Zipline, Hike,Rappelling Adventure, Costa Rica

Panama Canal