Monique Chachere

‚ÄčAs a Certified Household Manager and experienced Personal Assistant, it is my goal to help you reach your goals. Throughout my career, I have made myself flexible to the needs and style of my principal, bridging the gap between their personal and professional lives to create a seamless flow of lifestyle management. In particular, I am extremely adept at working with individuals in the entertainment industry, especially as my own career has led to positions both in front of and behind the camera. In other words, I intuitively know the unique challenges and rewards of living a public life, and can help you protect your interests on multiple fronts.
In addition to my supportive roles, I am an extremely well-versed world traveler. During my time with world class cruise line Holland America Line, I designed tour experiences and led our passengers on excursions throughout Alaska, Caribbean, Bermuda, Canada, Central America, Mexico & US Cities. I guided guests to the best local attractions based on the needs of the family all while developing presentations that were informational and entertaining. 

Thanks to my additional experience with Expedia, I am an expert in the travel industry, able to solve any tangle that may appear both at home and abroad. Personally, I believe in being preemptive and thorough in my thought process. I am committed to providing a first-class experience regardless of the environment. I excel at complex research projects and developing organizational systems from scratch. Most of all, I am known as a clear communicator, quickly adapting to my employers and anticipating their needs with little prompting.

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CERTIFIED Estate Manager/ Personal Assistant

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